Saturday, April 1, 2017

Homos Are Not Terrific

This is an image of some people who think an imaginary entity known as the Christian God hates fags (AKA homos or gay people). Me, I don't hate fags. I only hate some specific fags. Those specific fags being the buttfuckers Dervish Sanders and Rational Nation (AKA Lester the Loser). These are two fags who are deeply in love.

These two hom0s also supported Hillary Clinton for president. Everyday leading up to the election they said mean things about Trump on their blogs, leading directly to Trump winning the election. If not for hateful blog posts about Trump authored by hom0 Sanders, Lester, Shaw Kenawe, and Flying Junior, Trump would have lost. Meaning that bitch Hillary Clinton would be president now. Thank goodness Liberals are so filled with hate!

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