Something Terrific Post List

Complete listing of all commentaries published (to date) on this awesome blog, "Something Terrific" (ST).

001. Welcome To "Something Terrific. 1/1/2017.

002. The American People Bought It ("It" Being Something Terrific). 1/7/2017.

003. Donald Trump (Our Duly Elected President) Is Not Politically Correct, Something That Is Terrific. 1/14/2017.

004. Donald Trump Is Married To A Hot Piece Of Ass, A Fact That Is Terrific. 1/21/2017.

005. Donald Trump's Daughter Is A Hot Piece Of Ass, A Fact That Is Terrific. 1/28/2017.

006. Donald Trump's Daughter Is So Hot That, If He Were Not Her Father, He'd Be Dating Her. Is That Not Terrific?. 2/4/2017.

007. Donald Trump Is A Man That, When He Sees Something He Wants, Grabs It. How Terrific Is That?. 2/11/2017.

008. Rubes Buy Trump "Something Terrific" BS. A Fact That Is, IMO, Terrific!. 2/18/2017.

009. How Terrific Is It That Donald Trump, An Elderly Overweight Man, Gets Hot Women To Marry Him?. 2/25/2017.

010. Electorate Went With Candidate Who Pushed Racist Birther BS. Is That Terrific Or What?. 3/4/2017.

011. Is It Not Terrific That The Bitch Hillary Clinton Lost To Donald Trump?. 3/11/2017.

012. "I Love The Poorly Educated". A Trump Quote That Qualifies As "Something Terrific" In My Book. 3/18/2017.

013. My Assessment Of The Trump Presidency Thus Far: It Is Something Terrific! 3/25/2017.

014. Homos Are Not Terrific. 4/1/2017.

015. Donald Trump's Terrific Lies Re Homos. 4/8/2017.

016. Donald Trump Is A Terrific Liar. 4/15/2017.

017. I Am Not A Racist, But I Do Find It Terrific That Racists Love Donald Trump. 4/22/2017.

018. Trump's First 100 Days? Unfortunately Not Terrific. 4/29/2017.

019. Liberal Hater Stephen Colbert Is Not Terrific. 5/6/2017.

020. Trump Fired Comey Because He Doesn't Like The Way He Smiles. Or For Some Other Bullshit Reason. Who Cares, It Is Terrific! 5/13/2017.

021. Can You Believe This Bullshit? It Is Truly Something Terrific! 5/19/2017.

022. It Is Something Terrific That Gianforte Wins Despite Assaulting Journalist. 5/26/2017.

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029. jermac-29. TBD.

030. jermac-30. TBD.

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032. jermac-32. TBD.

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034. jermac-34. TBD.

035. jermac-35. TBD.

036. jermac-36. TBD.

037. jermac-37. TBD.

038. jermac-38. TBD.

039. jermac-39. TBD.

040. jermac-40. TBD.

041. jermac-41. TBD.

042. jermac-42. TBD.

043. jermac-43. TBD.

044. jermac-44. TBD.

045. jermac-45. TBD.

046. jermac-46. TBD.

047. jermac-47. TBD.

048. jermac-48. TBD.

049. jermac-49. TBD.

050. jermac-50. TBD.

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