Saturday, February 25, 2017

How Terrific Is It That Donald Trump, An Elderly Overweight Man, Gets Hot Women To Marry Him?


This is a picture of a statue some Trump-hating Liberal came up with. To body-shame our president. Liberals are such hypocrites. Yet, even though the depiction is likely accurate, Mr. Trump still dates and marries hot women. And bones them too. Something we know is a fact due to him having 5 children (by 3 different women). Something that perturbs liberals. But I LOVE IT! Women are attracted to wealth and power. Sorry liberals!

Accurate except for the micro-penis. A condition I doubt Trump suffers from. I mean, it might not be huge, but I doubt it's as small as depicted by the hateful Liberal artist. They will never accept that Mr. Trump was (in a fair election) duly elected.

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