Saturday, May 13, 2017

Trump Fired Comey Because He Doesn't Like The Way He Smiles. Or For Some Other Bullshit Reason. Who Cares, It Is Terrific!


President Trump (who I rooted for) fired FBI director Comey's ass on 5/9/2017. Despite the delusional idiot Dervish Sanders thinking he COULDN'T. This fag has no clue! Yes, Trump can fire the FBI director if he doesn't like the way he smiles. That's the law. My advice to the hom0 Sanders? Go back to your delusional crap about Trump not being able to fire the FBI director. Just like your stupid comparison to the Saturday Night Massacre. They are not the same at all!

As for Podesta, he ran the LOSER Hillary campaign. She lost, due to her hateful attacks on Mr. Trump. A fact the Liberal haters will never get over. Trump colluded with Russia? Trump is right, that's fake news!

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